About Divyams Natural Products

” Indians have always used traditionally oils like Gingelly oil, Groundnut oil and Mustard oil for cooking and these oils were extracted in wooden mills rotated by bulls. This method was used to prevent heat during the extraction process, since cold pressing ensured the healthy natural nutrients intact “

Our Story

  • About 25 years ago, large companies that mass produce oils and other companies that import foreign oils like sunflower oil, palm oil etc. using clever marketing penetrated into the Indian market advising against using our traditional cold pressed oils.
  • Modern techniques used for oil extraction involves long mechanical & chemical process which treats the oils more as a chemical and less as a food we consume on a daily basis.
  • We at Divyam’s are trying to bring about the change by extracting oils using the traditional techniques with the nutrients intact. To ensure authenticity, we extract oil at the venue in front of our customers.