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Sourcing Raw Materials – The Divyams Special

This article was published by Ambica Gayathri of Scentora. It can be found here and has been republished with their prior permission.

We source our wood / cold-pressed coconut oil from Divyams Natural Oil. They not only provide pressed coconut oil, but gingelly / sesame oil and groundnut oil which can be used for cooking.

Divyams Natural Oil – Pouring fresh-made coconut oil

Here’s a view into who they are, why they began this and why we like buying from them.


I happened to see a poster on the bulletin board of my apartment, advertising a natural oil extraction demo in order to promote awareness about the continued existence of such healthy practices to give quality product without contaminants. Check out their poster which also lists down the benefits of these oils.

Divyams Natural Oil – History and Info

I called up Mr. Saravanan (one of the founders) and scheduled a meet-up at one of the apartment complexes that he provides for. I was able to initiate a good conversation with him about his business, how Scentora uses and requires good-quality coconut oil and I was fascinated with the mobile extraction unit that they had.


Divyams Natural Oil – Mobile Unit



As I spoke with Mr. Saravanan about why he started all this, he patiently explained to me about how most commercial oil products we see today are petroleum-based, which is unhealthy in the long run. He also spoke to me about the added colors and preservatives in the oils we buy today. And I’ve gotta tell you guys as a side-note, fresh-made coconut oil smells amazing.

The coconuts, gingelly / sesame and groundnuts which are used in the extraction of their corresponding oils are sourced from Salem, Tamil Nadu from farmers.

Divyams aims to provide quality oil using wood / cold-press technique. They have a mobile oil extraction unit from where they extract oil without using colors or preservatives.


Mr. Saravanan was kind enough to send us a video of how the extraction of oil works using the machine. It was pretty cool to see it in action. Check out the video here

Divyams Natural Oil – Mobile Unit



They are providing their services to apartment complexes in Bengaluru near Gottigere, Electronic City and Sarjapur with a good success rate in these places. You can enquire with them about their other service locations.

Here is the link to their recently launched website: Divyams

The contact number is mentioned on the site and on the poster given above, if any of you would like to contact him for more details.

Mr. Saravanan speaks Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English.